Monday, December 22, 2008

Cake Balls!

This weekend was full of Christmas baking, cookies, cupcakes and... cake balls! Unfortunately, the dipping chocolate I got this year wasn't the best, so I had to improvise a little on the last step, but they still taste good. There really should be a different name for these though, because "cake balls" never sounds appetizing to anyone, but they really are good and easy to make, give 'em a try!

1 box cake mix (any kind you like... I used chocolate for these)
1 16 oz. can frosting (again, I used chocolate - but use any combo you like)
1 package dipping chocolate (regular, white chocolate, colored)
wax paper

1. Cook cake according to the directions on the box, cool completely (!!) and crumble into a bowl
2. Dump the frosting into the bowl
3. Mix together thoroughly, and refrigerate for an hour or so
4. Roll into balls, lay on cookie sheet
5. Refrigerate again (you can even leave them in overnight) so they get nice and cold
6. Melt chocolate in your microwave or in a double boiler, and dip each ball into chocolate using a toothpick or fork, add extra decoration if you want, and place on wax paper to cool.

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Step 6 was what gave me a little trouble this year, so I just dipped the bottom, and then put the melted chocolate in a ziploc bag, snipped the tip and drizzled extra chocolate on top.

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