Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ladies, I'm here to tell you that it is OK to like sports!

I'm not saying you should go out and re-do your wardrobe with jerseys from all 30 MLB teams, paint your face (or your whole body like Pom-Pom down there) for Sunday or Monday Night football, or memorize the depth chart of every NBA team. I'm not even saying that you should know there are 30 MLB teams, that football is played on Sundays and Mondays (ok, no that you should know), or what a depth chart is.

What I am saying is, just because we are women, do we have to look up at a Mets game on TV at the bar, groan and say "Ugh, I hate sports" or even worse, "Ugh I hate sports - How may touchdowns do the Mets have anyway, they won the Stanley cup right?" That might be a slight exaggeration, but... not really.

There is nothing wrong with kicking back with a beer, even a cranberry vodka for the non-beer drinking girl, and watching a good game. And I know the typical excuses:

1) I don't understand the rules. - Ok, this is fine. Don't watch the game by yourself. Invite over friends who do know the rules and ask them questions. Make a few snacks (after all that's what women do, right?) and they'll have no problem sharing the wonderful world of sports with you.

2) I don't mind playing, but I hate to watch. - To this I say, ummm really? When is the last time you played a game of basketball? Football? If you're a girl, and you know how to even throw a football (and I'm not being critical here, because I don't know how), then chances are you probably watch at least some football. Because someone taught you to throw that ball - dad, brother, boyfriend - and I'm sure they would have gotten you to watch and appreciate some games.

3) It's so boring/It's just a bunch of guys sweating and running around. - Both of these have one simple answer - watch a game, one game, with someone who loves and understand it, and you'll realize they are both wrong.

4) It's not ladylike to watch sports. - No, it's not ladylike to eat wings till there is sauce all over your face (mmmm), let out a huge belch after you chug a 40 (aaah), and rip off your shirt and swing it around when Tom Brady (he's so dreamy) scores a touchdown. Watching sports is just fine.

Normally I wouldn't just go off on women, but I saw a site - Women Against Fantasy Sports - and I almost couldn't believe it. These women hate the men in their life playing fantasy sports so much that they go so far as to have articles about how to ruin his draft!

They blame their hate of fantasy sports on the typical: "He spends too much time analyzing a trade he just did, you did it already, get over it." or "He watched enough sports before, now he watches even more!" or any other typical "I'm feeling neglected" story.

Fine, I know what it feels like to wish you were getting more attention. But, do you really need to walk around wearing a "WAFS" t-shirt? That's right, they have shirts.

Did you ever think maybe you're just no fun to be around, or maybe you're dating the wrong guy? No? Ok... Here is a solution - take my advice and learn a little about sports, and *gasp* maybe even join a fantasy league! (I did it and now I'm in it for three sports - and loving it) Make yourself a part of something he loves, instead of trying to ruin it for him.

And yes, maybe he won't want you in his league, although he might if he thought you'd be serious about it. But you could join your own league. Start one with your fellow WAFS bitches! Then you can get together, over the candlelight dinners you crave oh-so-much, and have something to talk about.

But for those girls who aren't card-carrying members of WAFS, and just plain "don't like sports" - give it a try. And if you won't, please at least stop acting like it's cute that you don't like it.

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Im Just Serious said...

I have a club- MAWAFAS- stands for "men against WAFAS"